Through our group of companies, we offer a broad spectrum of services and capabilities.

We bring proven experience and expertise to everything we do.

Our Capabilities

JIT Assembly, Manufacturing and Sequencing

  • SAIA currently supplies MTMUS 14 different seat sets for the Toyota Cross and 21 different seat sets for Mazda CX-50.
  • SAI currently supplies TMMMS 37 different types of seats for the Toyota Corolla.

Electrocoating Services

  • Size and a crane-based transfer mechanism
  • State-of-the-art electrocoat system accommodating a 33,500-gallon e-coat tank and six 9,100 capacity cranes
  • One of the largest non-OEM systems in the nation with exceptional flexibility in electrocoating products ranging from whole antique car bodies to small drill bits.

Strategic Consulting

Our organizational development, training, and consulting services focus on addressing client needs, issues, and challenges across a wide array of industries and geographic regions.

  • Planning & Project Management
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training
  • Management Consulting & Leadership Development
  • Vocational/Technical Training, Management Training, Customer Service Training, Business Communication Training, and IT Certifications